Mettler Seralon 100% Polyester Thread Shade 1207 Ginger


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Shade 1207 Ginger

Mettler Seralon is a durable fine sewing thread that has a high break strength and abrasion resistance. Excellent seam elasticity, smooth seams and ideal care properties for items from cotton, synthetic, mixed fabrics, linen and silk.
  • No tension regulation is necessary. The optimal loop formation results in an even seam appearance.
  • The thread is noticeably smooth, silk-like and has a beautiful look.

Mettler threads are manufactured in compliance with the Standard 100 by OEKO-Tex certification to ensure the handling natural resources is carefully and respectfully controlled in a sustainable order to reduce the quantities of energy and water they consume as well as the emissions and waste they produce.

Note: Please choose colours carefully. Colours may vary due to photo exposure and screen quality.

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