DMC 486 Tapestry Wool - Whites


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Colour Palette: White - as per DMC palette

Art 486

Made from 100% virgin wool, DMC Tapestry Wool is a deliciously soft, smooth non-divisible yarn. Its twist and thickness give it excellent canvas coverage and provides a smooth, even texture. This is the perfect material for all your decorative needlepoint projects. Use it to embellish pillows, chair sets, wall hangings, pictures, or even wardrobe accessories like bags. The combed wool is both moth-proof and colourfast.

Choose your colour and let your imagination wander.

How to Use:

This material is typically worked on a larger mesh canvas (sizes 10 to 14). It's recommended that you work with yarn lengths no longer than 18-20" to prevent fraying and wearing while stitching.

DMC 486 Tapestry Wool - White

  • 100% virgin wool
  • 8 meters skein
  • Work with yarn lengths around 18-20 inches
  • Dry clean only. If needed, press with an iron on the lowest heat setting using a clean, dry ironing cloth. Do not bleach or use chlorine.

Note: Colour may differ from photo due to exposure and/or computer screen, please ensure description matches what you are after.

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